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BTS Drops 'Heartbeat' MV And Fans Are Sobbing

BTS released the music video for 'Heartbeat'; a track on their OST for 'BTS WORLD'.

Popular Korean group, BTS, recently launched their app 'BTS World' - an interactive game where the player acts as BTS' manager, and the primary objective being to get them to debut. BTS has been slowly releasing tracks for their OST since the beginning of the month.

On June 28th, the 'BTS World' OST was released alongside the music video for 'Heartbeat' leaving ARMY in tears. The music video shows the members going through their separate lives, yet still encountering each other. The lyrics talk about how even in another universe, the members believe they would still meet again. The concept is believed to be whether or not they are the group BTS, destiny would still bring them together.

Check out some fan reactions below:

Check out BTS' MV for 'Heartbeat' below:

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